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We started out in 2000, focused on delivering superior customer service in website design and development. To develop unique solutions tailored to each customer's needs, while ensuring brand integrity were the basic tenets of our operations.

Over time, our approach hasn't changed at The Web Professional, Inc. However, the Internet, and the variety of devices connecting to it, continues to blossom in ways no one could predict back then. Even today, we find ourselves amazed at the possibilities before us.

From search engines to social media, and everything in between, digital marketing opportunities abound, and are rapidly changing the way companies structure their marketing budgets.

Constant shift is the norm, and no single plan fits all. Choosing the right solution requires professional guidance for businesses small, medium and large.

Regardless of the changing trends, we pride ourselves in continuing to see each client's individual needs.

As a boutique Internet marketing firm, we deliver personalized attention, and yet, we also recognize that a lean staff can seem limiting. We're proud to have built strong business alliances over the years to harness a vast resource of artistic and innovative talent that have bolstered our offerings.

Through a custom team approach, we're able to scale resources to each project's unique set of needs. From marketing to public relations, videography, graphic design, photography, audio, printing, copywriting, data management and more, our relationships with a vast pool of talented professionals help us effectively and affordably meet your project's objectives.

The virtual nature of doing business has allowed us to work with clients across the US. Our staff is located in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and Southwest Florida.

A variety of pricing structures are available to meet the needs of your website project, digital marketing and ongoing web products maintenance.

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