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Can automated systems do it all?

We’ve recently been working on a system, that will allow us to accept support tickets, track time, log work activities, and generally provide us a one-stop place for information about the work in progress and work completed. This is a … Continue reading

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Missing e-mail signature is a pet peeve

by Kellee Gabel, The Web Professional, Inc. I used to have a boss who would ask, “Do you know what really burns my butt?” And, after working for him for almost 9 years, I still humored him by saying, “no, … Continue reading

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How Good is Your Customer Service Experience?

How can you differentiate your products and services? By delivering an engaging Customer Experience! Gallup research shows that happy and committed employees deliver a better customer experience, and isn’t that what every business wants? Your customers’ experience is based on … Continue reading

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