Frequently Asked Questions About Websites and Digital Marketing

What does it cost to get a website?

This is probably the most frequently asked of all FAQs, and also the most difficult to answer. The reason being that there are so many facets and functions a website can have, it is difficult to give a ballpark figure. We are happy to provide an estimate of anticipated costs. A free one-hour phone consultation is offered to prospective clients.

What if I already have my own design?  Will you build my website?

While The Web Professional can design your website for you, we're also happy to work with a design that has been created by an outside graphic designer or your marketing firm. Just have them contact us, and we'll do the rest in getting what we need to get your website project rolling.  We're flexible!

How long does it take to get my website completed?

The complexity and your level of preparedness will affect the amount of time required to complete your project. We can usually complete a brochure / informational type website project within days, when we have everything necessary. To fulfill your project, it's helpful to have all major components in hand. Some of these components will need to come from you. Some will be developed by us. We will work with you to organize your project's deliverables.

What are the main ingredients to building an informational website?

  • An approved design concept (layout, colors, fonts, navigational structure, content arrangement)
  • Website architecture (a list of pages and how they will relate to each other)
  • Photography and graphics to be used on the site
  • Editorial copy (in its final approved version)

Our company is considering Social Media for getting more customers.  Can you help us with this?

Yes, we are able to assist you with Social Media.  We offer a free one-hour consultation by phone to review your needs and the possibilities of how social media could work into your marketing plans.  Just give us a call 888-614-7776 or contact us by e-mail.  There is no obligation.

Is a WordPress site only for blogging or can I use it for my website too?

WordPress is quite flexible and there are a numerous themes to choose from, which can be customized to give you a closer customization to your business needs.  WordPress is not always the best answer; however, it could be for your company, and we're here to assist in exploring your options. Read More>>

Is a Facebook page enough, or do I have to have a website too?

In general it's best to do both.  We recognize the mammoth population on Facebook these days. The viral nature of its reach, and your ability to update it frequently, and on a personalized basis, make it an attractive marketing opportunity.  There is so much you can do with a Facebook page for your company.  We hope you will let us help you make the most of it.  

Do you charge for proposals?

Rarely, but sometimes, yes.  For a standard brochure / informational website we do not charge a fee to develop a proposal. It is rare that we would ever charge for a website proposal. Sometimes complex application development projects require a long, and detailed discovery process into the scope of project. Were that anticipated, we would certainly notify you in advance. Please note, we offer a free one-hour consultation to learn more about your project needs. Any proposal development fee would be credited against the project development costs, upon award of project to us.

Do you keep regular office hours?

Yes, this is what we do full time.  So, if you call during regular business hours, and you get our voicemail, please leave a message and we will call you back promptly.

What is website hosting?

Hosting refers to the computer that holds your website and the software to support its functionality, including Internet connectivity.

Can I host my own website?

You can and may. However, costs related to hosting (software, knowledge or IT support to maintain, Internet connectivity and other considerations) are often prohibitive to small to medium size operation. Website hosting is reasonably inexpensive part of website maintenance, generally ranging from $10-$50/month, depending on your needs.

Does The Web Professional, Inc. offer hosting?

Yes, we have a number of hosting options available to meet whatever level of service is desired.

What does The Web Professional, Inc mean when it refers to managed hosting?

Managed hosting means just that. We manage your website's hosting - period! If there is a problem with your websites hosting, we take care of it at no additional cost to you.

While you may enjoy savings in paying for hosting directly to a 3rd party, consider the value of the time you may spend on the phone holding for support.

What is a domain name, and how much does one cost?

A domain name is similar to a phone number. It is how visitors to the Internet can address their browser directly to your website. Domain names should be purchased through an ICANN accredited registrar.

For a list of accredited registrars, please visit:

The cost of a domain name is relative to its availability. Were you to choose something readily available through an accredited registrar, you may find prices range anywhere from $3 - $50 / year. However, were you to choose a domain name that is not available, such as, chances are you may have to buy through another source, and the cost may be in the thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Domain name ownership is limited to the period for which you have paid. It is very important to document your information, such as account username, password and expiration date so that you can maintain your ownership.

Note: You may choose to purchase a domain name and website hosting through separate providers. If you need assistance with this, please let us know.

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