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Social Media Marketing

Social Media, or SoMe shortened, has rapidly evolved from an online network used mainly by young people under 25 to a place where business people make meaningful connections for sales and marketing as well as job placement and other business relationships.

From Facebook pages and Twittering to Linkedin profiles, it's more than just the "in thing." Social media marketing is vital to connecting the dots in business relationships that reach further by a mouse click than one can ever hope to achieve through traditional marketing. 

Many companies of all sizes not only encourage their staff members to have profiles on Linkedin, they also take advantage of Linkedin's free company profile as a way of gaining better search engine placement and as one more avenue for promoting products and services and creating brand awareness. 

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The power of social media as a marketing tool is no longer in question these days. When managed properly, Social Media is affordable for businesses large and small. The idea of applying tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ - to name the main players in Social media -- can seem insurmountable for many businesses. And perhaps all of these opportunities should be part of your overall marketing plan. Perhaps not. We believe some key questions, to be considered about each of these channels should be:

  • How does it fit your business model?
  • Can you sustain it?
  • Will you have a way of measuring results?

Pre-assessing present day marketing activities and reporting systems, and then during implementation of any new online marketing technique are key to understanding what's working, what's not working, what needs tweaking, and what needs to be flushed as ineffective into the future.

We're here to explore these ideas further. Call or e-mail us.

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