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Kellee GabelPresident, The Web Professional, Inc.

Kellee GabelPresident, The Web Professional, Inc.

We’ve recently been working on a system, that will allow us to accept support tickets, track time, log work activities, and generally provide us a one-stop place for information about the work in progress and work completed.

This is a simple SAP, but not quite a CRM that will keep our team and our customers in the know and centralize communications.  And, it will have a few other bells and whistles to make bookkeeping easier for billing and payroll. It’s customized to our internal needs and also for how we work with our clients.

So why do I hear a needle being dragged across a record, as in STOP THE PRESSES?

We’ve always used such systems, but until now they were spread across a number platforms, which made connecting all the dots a bit of work.  This new system has been a long-time coming and a task right in our wheelhouse.

But we know, that no matter how good it is, it is not a complete solution.

Such a solution will only be complete when human interaction ensures our customers know we understand their needs and that they are being taken care of.

We recognize that not all clients will want to log in somewhere to request support.  And we always want our customers to feel comfortable picking up the phone to call us or in sending an email, knowing we’ll respond.

Ideally in our world, centralizing communications in one place is the cat’s meow of systematizing and increasing productivity.  But when a square peg is being pushed into a round hole, we know we must provide flexibility.

There will always be square pegs and round holes, that is the reality of the world.