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You’ve heard of retargeting, right?  Where advertisers are able to use your digital fingerprint to aim targeted ads at you.

It goes like this:

So, you’re on this website looking at a product. You’ve researched it.

Let’s just say dog toys, as an example.  I just got a promo from a national brand in my e-mail and clicked out to learn more about the sale.

Now I have gotten an e-mail from them offering free shipping if I order in the next 10 days, and in my Microsoft Outlook e-mail interface on the ad panel to the right, I am being shown ads by this same company.

That’s retargeting.

Advertisers buy and use intelligence from your browsing behavior to continue to target you.

Is there anything bad about this?  Notreally-maybe-I-guess-not-sure-hm-don’t-know-how-to-feel-about-it….

Let’s face it, you could be that advertiser, and keeping your ad dollars targeted to the right audience is a good way to save money and make money.

However, the one thought that’s a bit disconcerting… that digital fingerprint.

This video on Wall Street Journal is the best explanation I can provide without making you read a bunch of hoo hah.  Enjoy, if you dare.