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Content Marketing is all the buzz these days…but not everyone knows how to make it work for their business. While you wouldn’t think of running your company without a website, you might not realize your site needs a blog to maximize its content. Or you may think you don’t have the time—or the wherewithal—to write a blog. We’re here to dispel that notion.

What is a blog?

Think of a blog as an online newsletter, published by your company, for people interested in your product or service. Blogging can be daunting at first, especially for people who don’t particularly like to write. However, once you get started it becomes second nature.

Let’s review the five benefits of blogging for business, the reasons why your website needs a blog to succeed. Learn how business blogging can be a powerful tool to build authority, community, and increased awareness and sales for your brand.

1 — Establish your authority and expertise

You’ve heard the old saying, “Write about what you love.” Blogging is just that…a platform to write about what you excel at and have experienced in your career. When you post a blog about a topic in your area of expertise, people who are searching on the Internet for that topic may come across your article. This can lead to increased awareness, store traffic, phone calls, online inquiries…and sales! As your blog posts build over time, so does your authority; you become a trusted source of information for both new and loyal customers.

2 — Create a new “digital showcase” for your product or service

A blog usually lives in a separate dropdown at the header of your website, or a button at the footer. In the articles you write or commission for your blog you can link to products and other explanatory pages on your main website. Let’s say you run a jewelry store and you write a post about “What’s New in Engagement Ring Trends” In addition to teasing new ring trends and photos within your blog post, you can link to your website’s existing engagement ring section of classic best-sellers. You’re providing online shoppers news and valuable information about what you have to offer.

3 — Publish new content for Search Engine Optimization

Google is constantly monitoring websites for new information to help people in their searches. But all too often businesses launch websites and then just let them sit there! A blog is a great way to systematically refresh your website with new and relevant content, and to show the search engines you are active. The more content you have the higher you will climb on the results page when people Google your kind of product or service. Conversely, if you don’t blog or update your website content on a regular basis, your competition will pass over you on the search results page. Why should you get left behind?

4 — Attract an active community of responsive customers

In every blog post you publish you can ask a question of your readers and encourage them to leave comments. After a while, you’re likely to get conversations going, and readers will comment on each other’s ideas. You can actually develop a responsive community, one which is predisposed (because they like and trust you) to take action—such as special offers, pop-up sales, and seasonal promotions.

5 — Supply source material for all your Social Media channels

This is one of the most important reasons why your website needs a blog, but it is often overlooked or undervalued. In today’s rapidly changing Social Media landscape, conquering each new platform can sometimes seem overwhelming. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube…all these and more demand time and attention, and the most challenging aspect is new CONTENT. If you have a good blogging program in place the words and graphics can drive new content for your other Social Media platforms every week (or as often as you blog). Not only will you deliver a consistent brand message, you’ll look like an expert doing it!

How to start a blog

Even if you don’t like to write, or can’t find the time, you can start a blog on your business website. Perhaps you have someone on staff that handles your Social Media. She or he may welcome the challenge to trade up to longer-form writing. Your blogger can interview you or your best customers, and these interviews can be transcribed and edited into posts for your approval.

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