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We hear this question a lot, “Should I hire a website developer or do it myself?”

This is an awesome question! One that we would ask, as a small business contemplating getting a website.

Seriously, there are many great website platforms for the DIYer to delve into. But, and this is a BIG question, do you really have the time to “delve?” Perhaps you have a staff large enough to be able to delegate this to someone who is artistic or to someone who is technically savvy. If you have someone with both of these attributes, and they have spare time on their hands (seems unlikely), perhaps this is an “inhouse job.”

Is it realistic for someone who is not a professional website designer to design and develop a website? It’s possible. In our experience, we have seen it happen, not easily nor often.  Usually it becomes a long, drawn out journey with many potholes and mixed results. (Right now, you might be thinking, “These people are biased, because the idea of a DIY website takes food off their table.” That’s a reasonable perspective, but let us share some of our thoughts, so that you have a better understanding of why the needs of your project might require hiring a web professional to perform your website design and development.)

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Professional design = professional image for your company. It will be that first impression many prospective customers will have of your company. Sure, you may see your design as quite impressive, but trust us, this is not always the case. It’s so very important to make a good first impression. Reason Number One – Professional Design is KEY!
  2. Is your short-term goal a lowered cost? Sure that simple web platform that “even you could figure out” came at a low entry threshold fee.  It is also likely a fully-hosted solution that came turnkey.  Sounds great!  But, does that hosting load your pages quickly or are your visitors sitting waiting? Uh, wait? No, they don’t wait and you will lose traffic and possibly customers because of it.
  3. What are your long-range goals? Considering your long-range goals, a low-cost web service platform may not bridge to your next phase and hence, you could end up starting all over again. Put simply, working with a professional website design and development team should give you the advantage of their years of experience, which in turn should include visioning your project’s needs from a long-range viewpoint. This will usually ensure your first website development platform and website design have the long-term capabilities needed to serve you long after Phase I is complete.
  4. Do you REALLY have time to dedicate to this?  Over our many years of developing websites, we have found that the hardest part for businesses to accomplish in getting a new website is finding the time and focus required to envision and execute the website itself. We see this as one of our most critical roles in helping website customers. We recognize that only you can know your company and your business. That is why we are here.  We work to see our customers’ vision through their eyes, so that they can leave the heavy lifting to us. We touch base along the way, for review and feedback, ensuring a project and long-term goals are being met.
  5. Last point.  It’s important to remember, not only sometimes, but most of the time, it is better that you focus on doing what you do best, leaving to professionals those tasks that you do not.