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by Kellee Gabel, The Web Professional, Inc.

I am constantly asked by customers, what is the right frequency for sending out newsletters. Today I was reminded why that’s such an important question.

Content is always a big consideration. Yes, I have to agree that exposure is important; however, if you have nothing new or of value to deliver to your recipient, reconsider the “impression” you are making.

I subscribe to several newsletters. Some, not by my own choice, yet sent to me after I’ve merely met someone at an event, and they add me to their list. Usually I read these on occasion only. Sometimes I am drawn in, and become a fan. This morning, I received my weekly e-mail from a networking “acquaintance.”

Cue the violins! Today I unsubscribed. Why? Pretty much the same message every week.

The ability to unsubscribe is a nice feature, and it certainly doesn’t mean I no longer like this person. Unsubscribing isn’t a personal affront, but it does send a strong message. Make your message useful and I’ll continue on your list. Your recipient may not have time to read all the messages they receive, so think about it.

Would your rather hear:

When I can’t read your newsletter, I feel disappointment.


When I read your newsletter, I feel disappointment.

So, what does this mean to the publisher of any newsletter?

  • Content over frequency.
  • Deliver something useful.
  • If you have nothing to say, skip it

Here’s an idea, when you’re stumped for a good topic, spend the time you would normally use to compose your newsletter to brainstorm on future topics and research. Make a schedule of those topics and make sure what you write about them is as interesting as possible.