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As we all look for ways to increase the value of our dollars, there is nothing like finding a tool like Skype, which offers a tremendous value since it doesn’t cost a dime when you call others who Skype.

If you aren’t “Skyping,” you’re missing out on something I consider to be a gift from the Internet gods. You can download it from Skype.comĀ Click here to download Skype

What is Skype?

It’s a way to make phone calls (with or without video) using your computer’s Internet connection with either speakers and a microphone (which can also be part of your webcam) or a headset with microphone. There is not a charge when you call others who also Skype.

You can also call people on their landlines and cell phones around the world for a very reasonable fee. Click here to see pricing chart.

A downfall to Skyping might be that you are somewhat tied to your computer, but for someone who is a desk jockey like I am, it is very functional. What I have found to be of great value is that I use my computer’s headset and microphone to work hands-free while I am on the phone. Using Skype to call people I interact with on a regular basis has drastically reduced my cell phone usage, which has enabled me to take a lower-priced calling plan.

To improve the odds of the numbers of people I can Skype with, I include my Skype username in the signature of my business e-mails, and also have spread the word via my social networking pages, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Tip: When setting up your microphone, make sure you don’t put it next to anything that generates sound (ringing phones, PDA alarms, fans).

Kellee Gabel is founder and president of The Web Professional, Inc.
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