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Kellee Gabel, President

Kellee Gabel

Fickle … /fikel/
Adjective:  Changing frequently, esp. as regards one’s loyalties, interests, or affection.

Internet surfers.  Fickle!  Yes, it’s true.  It’s always been true.

We get a mere second – or two – to grab the attention of our visitor.  Whether it’s a website’s home page, a landing page or a Pay Per Click advertisement – the message is read in an instant.  And then, a decision is made.

I’ve seen a lot of websites lately that have made me ponder, if this were a company’s printed brochure, would they proudly hand it to a potential client?  Often I do not have to give it much thought.  The answer IMHO is, no!

Fortunately, when handing a printed brochure to someone, the transaction is in person, and the recipient doesn’t have a graceful way of pushing it back into our hand.  Business etiquette dictates they must be gracious receivers and smile in gratitude.

However, on the Internet, this is not the case!  One click, and that prospect is gone.

No matter what changes have come along, the one-to-one nature of the relationship between visitor and web page remains the same.  The visitor is in the driver’s seat, and still revering that control.

Are you minding your message?  It’s so very important.  Don’t miss your chance.

Kellee Gabel is founder and president of The Web Professional, Inc.
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