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Meet Our Leadership

Kellee Gabel, President and Founder

Kellee started the company in the year 2000. She considers herself a technology immigrant, having come into the world of computing and Internet at a time when business leaders were enthralled and yet puzzled to grasp the capabilities of business computing. In her various administrative roles, Kellee was tasked with delivering positive results from new equipment and technology investments, integrating and replacing old processes.

After 20 years in the fields of construction, real estate and the arts, Kellee decided it was time to leverage her knowledge, talents and experience in the for-profit and non-profit arenas for her own customers. She immersed herself in training to become an expert in a variety of software programs, focusing on database design and website design and development. Over the years, the continual advances in computing and digital marketing opportunities have kept her passion for learning alive and thriving.

Today the company’s depth of knowledge in data management, website design and development, and the overall digital marketing landscape, are fundamental to the day-to-day operations, innovations and results The Web Professional, Inc. delivers to its clients.

In her personal time, Kellee enjoys amateur landscape and nature photography, painting, cooking, fishing, power boating and sailing.