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Our process...

What are the steps to getting a website designed and developed? Here, we outline the main steps necessary in the process of creating your website.

When it comes to putting all the website puzzle pieces together, our affinity for organization and processes kicks in.  We’ll do our best to simplify the process as much as possible.


When you initially reach out to us, we’ll be asking a lot of questions about your business, who is your target customer, what kind of website do you need, such as informational, e-commerce (so you can sell your products or services online), or workhorse, monster website (you want it to do all kinds of amazing work for your company both as a marketing tool and in functionality).

Regardless of what you’re seeking, we’re here to help you, and our initial consultation is free.


Seeing Your Vision. From our meeting, we’ll be able to develop an outline based on what you’ve shared with us to demonstrate our understanding of the breadth and scope of your project. You’ll get to review this to include and adjust our interpretation.  All of this is to ensure our proposal is accurate to your expectations for the finished website.*


Project Proposal. With your feedback and the outline approved, we’ll develop a written proposal detailing all that is to be accomplished in the scope of the project.


Sealing the Deal. Should you choose to award your project to The Web Professional, Inc., we will present a contract and deposit invoice. The amount of the deposit will be conditioned on the project size and delivery timeline. A progress payment schedule will be outlined in the contract.


Getting Started. After receiving the signed the contract and project deposit, we will commence working on your project. This will entail a deeper dive into data gathering, such as project contacts, domain name records (if already purchased), setting up a regular meeting schedule to keep the project on track, and more.


Gathering the Pieces. We’ll start gathering project data from you. This may consist of editorial content, images and – more to the point – a deeper understanding of your expectations. We’ll need to meet, and depending on your location, this may be in person or by phone or video conferencing.


Content Development. You may already have written content you’d like to provide us. We’ll have determined this during the proposal process. If you have contracted with us to write or edit your content, we will work with you to glean as much information as possible to write accurately about your company, products and services.

Approved content will be THE key element that makes your project move forward. Content is the basis of everything.


Concept. The overall look and feel of your website will be tailored to fit with your company’s brand identity, its products and services, and your target audience. The design process may be subjective to its budget allocation, which will have been specified in the proposal.

Content and messaging will drive many areas of design. This is why having your content ready before designing begins is so important.


Project Assets. You may already have media in hand that serves as a fundamental part of your website’s content, including images, videos, podcasts and more. If you do, we will arrange to acquire these items from you. If not, we will have identified these needs during the initial discovery process and have given you options for addressing any fulfillment needs.


Site Construction and Progress. With editorial content, design and media in hand, we will commence the actual construction of your project. During its construction, we will give you periodic updates and previews of your website in process.


Completion and Launch of Your Website. Having reached the conclusion of executing the design of your site, building pages and receiving your final approval, the website will be put through rigorous testing by internal and external team members to identify and fix any stray or non-working items that are to be presented in the final, public website.

Once testing has been completed with satisfactory results, the site will be made live to your domain on the hosting service chosen for your website. Post-launch testing will again be conducted and any fixes required will be addressed.

Well, that pretty much sums up the bigger steps along the way in getting a website built.


*Thoughts on Why Your Website Will Never Truly Be Finished

The beauty of a website is that it is never truly finished. To complete the initial website for launch is a benchmark in the process of getting your beautiful, functional, mobile-compatible website out there to the public. HOWEVER, it is a website’s ability to be updated and up-to-minute that makes it a highly robust and important marketing tool.

We encourage you to think of your website as the central hub to your company’s communications. We can help you with maintaining your website and brainstorming ideas for new content to keep your visitors engaged.

Whether on a retainer basis or on an as needed basis, we’re here for you.