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What is a QR Code you may find yourself asking?  Have you been seeing those funny black and white cubes on billboards, businesscards and the like?

QR = Quick Response

Simply stated, it’s a block of patterns containing data that when scanned delivers a link or information to a scanning device.

A little background…

QR was originally formulated to track parts in automotive manufacturing.

From a commercial marketing standpoint, today QR Codes have gained popularity as a way for advertisers and retailers to post a great amount of information in a small amount of space, such as ads and price tags.

Consider this…  The space allotted to a business card or printed advertisement may significantly restrict the amount of information shared.  However, with the addition of a QR Code, the person beholding that business card or ad can instantly access more information through their smartphone or other digital scanning device using a code reader to open it through an application (APP) that will scan the barcode for you.

How does the consumer use QR codes?

To learn more about a product or service or business or anything of the advertiser’s choosing.  The ultimate destination is a mobile compatible web page (preferably geared as a landing page) delivering very specific information that relates back to how the QR code was initially found.

How do you, as a business owner, use a QR Code?

It depends.  The final destination for your visitor is a web page containing the desired information in a mobile compatible format, so brainstorming about how you would apply this to achieve your own ends sounds pretty exciting!

Philip Davis has posted a great article on the topic:  “How to Reach Your Mobile Customer Using QR Codes