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First impressions are everything.  After all, you get only one chance to make one.

In this age of digital awareness, the first place a new business acquaintance is likely to see your face is on your online profile.  This is where having a professional business portrait can play an important role.

At The Web Professional, we believe it’s vital that professional business portraits be kept up to date.  Meeting someone who looks nothing like their business portrait can be cause for awkward moments, as well as create a bad impression of the individual who hasn’t made the effort to stay current.

If you need an updated professional business portrait, we are happy to recommend Dan Rother Photography in Hastings, MN.  We have used their services, and are extremely pleased with the results.  Dan Rother is easy to work with and realizes that your time is valuable.

If your company has a number of people to be photographed, you’ll find that Dan offers a convenient solution.  He can arrange his photography session at your place of business to make getting your team’s business portraits easy.  Rother’s services are not only affordable, but the convenience factor can be a big savings.

We’re pleased to recommend Dan Rother Photography to our clients in the Twin Cities metro region.

If you call Dan Rother Photography, (651-437-8828) please tell them how you heard about their services.