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WordPress Maintenance Package


  • Initial Security Audit and implementation of standard best practices that “harden” your WordPress installation to security threats*
  • Daily monitoring of your website for alerts to possible updates and security patches required.
  • Regularly create manual backup, and update to WordPress and plugins on an as needed basis. (We will always backup your site before a WordPress software update.)
  • Update the WordPress software, as deemed appropriate to your website’s needs**
  • Update plugins as updates are received***
  • Review and test your website following all updates.


$47.95/month paid Annually

Automatically renews annually on the enrollment anniversary.

$55.95/month paid Quarterly

Automatically invoiced and renewed quarterly.


* While no system is 100 percent hack-proof, there are certain measures we can take to prevent your WordPress site from being hacked. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee your website will not fall victim to a security exploit despite our best efforts.  If you would like more security for your website than is listed in this package, please contact us.  There are additional measures available.  Call for pricing 888-614-7776.

**If your website uses a theme or plugin which has fallen behind in updating to the current version of WordPress, we may not be able to update your website. If this should be the case, we will notify you and work to identify the best solution to this matter.

***Sometimes plugins, which are impacted by the WordPress update, are not immediately updated by their developers, and therefore, plugin updates can only be installed after their update is released.  NOTE:  Some plugins are abandoned by their developers and an alternate plugin must be identified and installed.  In this case, we will conduct a brief search for a current plugin to replace the one that has become defunct.  Additional costs to install and configure the new plugin may apply, in which instance we will provide a quotation for the costs involved. If an alternate plugin does not readily present itself, we will notify you and discuss options for a solution.


Requires 30-day cancellation notification in writing to us. Click here to contact us.