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Types of Websites

From custom websites to off the shelf implementations like Shopify and SquareSpace, The Web Professional, Inc. brings many capabilities to its website development projects.  We have extensive experience in delivering Ecommerce sites, manufacturer websites, mobile compatible websites, dealer portals, custom forums and knowledge bases, as well as vanity and informational websites.

E-Commerce Websites

Marketing and selling online is an easy, cost-effective way of delivering your product to a larger audience that reaches beyond a local market. When you’re ready to sell your product online, we’re ready to help you get your shopping cart / e-commerce website setup.

The Web Professional, Inc. is proud to be an affiliate partner with the very popular and easy to use Shopify platform.

Shopify Ecommerce

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Data Management Portals

We love to make websites that do more than sit there looking pretty. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with a pretty website, but we’re partial to workhorses here at The Web Professional, Inc.

So, you may wonder what a data management portal could do for your website.   An online data entry point for adding, updating or removing items from your website, such as:

  • Product lists
  • Membership Rosters
  • Directories

Custom Application Development

To us a website should be more than informational — it can and should produce results beyond looking pretty.

The variety of things that can be done with a website precludes us from listing them all here.  That said, your website’s needs are the ones you care about, and in our opinion that’s all that matters. We’d like to work with you help solve problems that are keeping you awake at night.  If deep down you know there is a better way or there is something you want to do that you’re just not sure how to get done, call us.  We like nothing more than to sink our teeth into a puzzle and work to give you the solution that gets you the most out of your website.

Examples of solutions we’ve provided for others include:

Custom Dealer Portals for manufacturing companies to allow their dealers to order online.

Custom Employee Forums for companies with employees in the field who need a central 24/7 knowledge base.

 Intelligence gathering, such as acquiring e-mail addresses for your e-mail marketing campaigns.

The possibilities are endless.  Let us help make your website work smarter.

Manufacturer Websites

Do you sell mainly to other businesses, aka, B2B?

Do you need an easy way to manage dealer orders?

Empower dealers, distributors and other website visitors with the information they need to make purchasing decisions.

For those trying to determine if you have what they need, be they an engineer, general contractor or department store manager, we can help make your products easily searched for your website visitors.  A website that is lacking critical information or is difficult to navigate can leave a business missing out on valuable opportunities.

For dealers and distributors, an online ordering system opens new doors that stay open for 24/7 workflow and incoming orders.

For a manufacturing company an online catalog and dealer portal are must-have systems with many benefits:

  • Time Saving
  • Cost Saving
  • Customers Find Your Products Quickly
  • Works 24/7
  • Expedited Dealer Orders
  • Systemized Dealer Relations
  • Bolstered Communications
  • Increased Efficiency

The possibilities are endless!

Dealer Portals

If you work with dealers and distributors to promote and sell your products to consumers and other businesses, a dealer portal would be a great tool to add to your website.

Let’s face it. Manning phone lines and fax machines 24/7 is impossible, time intensive, and inefficient. Enjoy efficiency by offering dealers a central place where they can log in, see their price sheets and place their orders at whatever time of day works for them. Let e-mail notify you when an order has come in.  Or log in to your order hub and review all orders pending.


Informational Websites

An informational website, often referred to as a vanity website, serves as an online brochure to showcase a company’s products and services.  Visuals and story telling vehicles, such as videos, image galleries, case studies and testimonials enlighten visitors to what they may expect when contracting or purchasing from a company.  A well-built, well-designed,  informational website is important in either a business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B) situation, when a potential customer is in the decision-making phase of competitively comparing companies.  Generate leads and clinch sales with your own amazing website.  Call us today!


Mobile Compatible Websites

According to Statista

“Mobile internet usage has worked its way into the daily life of smartphone and tablet users, enabling consumers to access and share information on the go. Mobile internet shows promising projections for the next future, as global mobile data traffic is expected to increase nearly a sevenfold between 2016 and 2021. As of February 2017, mobile devices accounted for 49.74 percent of web page views worldwide, with mobile first markets such as Asia and Africa leading the pack. Nigeria registered the highest rate of internet traffic coming from mobile devices; India, South Africa, Indonesia, and Thailand follow. The Americas and Europe have the highest mobile broadband subscription penetration rate, around 78.2 percent and 76.6 percent respectively. The global average stood at nearly 50 percent in 2016. ”

With this knowledge in hand, it is assumed that today’s businesses will have a mobile compatible version of their website.

We can design and develop your website, so that it’s ready for primetime, for your mobile visitors’ enjoyment (and, by the way, this is also important for search engine placement).


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Statistics and Studies from more than 18,000 Sources

To learn more, visit:  https://www.statista.com/topics/779/mobile-internet/

Custom Forums

Do you need a central place for communications between your colleagues, where you can discuss topics unique to your organization?

We can help you with a custom forum that allows you to centralize conversations about issues that need resolution.

Create a go-to place for your team to find answers, an internal knowledge base, if you will, that gives 24/7 access to answers to critical questions as well as a place for submitting questions.

A custom forum can be a powerful business tool that opens lines of communication for shared knowledge.

Photo Galleries

Photo galleries and interactive slide shows are fun for website visitors and are a great way to showcase your work.

Visual representations of renovation project Before and Afters, Photography Portfolios, How to Demonstrations and other online presentations are a great selling tool and tell a story with or without words.

We have created many of these types of showcases for photographers, builders, landscape architects, artists and more.