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by Kellee Gabel, The Web Professional, Inc.

Also known as a lead capture page, a landing page is a powerful tool.

You’ve created your online ad, you’ve targeted a special offer or topic of interest, but where does your visitor go if he clicks on your ad? By sending visitors to the home page of your website, when it doesn’t feature anything about your special offer, you just may lose the potential sale.

Solution: Send your visitor to a landing page specifically targeting your ad’s message. Even better, whatever call to action they find on that page should bring them closer to the intended outcome (for both you and your visitor) such as filling out an inquiry form or placing an order – afterall, your ultimate goal is converting a visitor into a customer.

Let’s face it, if someone clicked on your ad, chances are they felt compelled to do so, because they believed you might be able to fulfill their special need. By giving them a page that addresses that need, your visitor will receive the instant gratification of immediately finding what he is looking for vs. having to traverse your site from the home page and possibly never finding the proverbial pot of gold.

Do you remember in our last newsletter, when we mentioned Google Analytics as a statistical reporting option? Tracking your site’s visitors in general is a great idea. If you are using pay-per-click advertising, tracking your clickthrough rate and related returns is important. Track ad performance and the leads generated by placing a special analytics code on your landing page and any subsequent fulfillment or contact pages.

Kellee Gabel is founder and president of The Web Professional, Inc.
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