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by Kellee Gabel, The Web Professional, Inc.

Do you put off updating your website or writing in your blog?

Do you know why?

At the heart of solving this problem is discovering the reason why we put these tasks off.

Please know that I cast no aspersions in asking this question. I’ve found myself procrastinating about my blog or updating my websites too. For me it isn’t a technical challenge that keeps me from moving forward, it’s more a matter of writers’ block. But for some, just the thought of something computer or Internet related causes barriers.

Out of professional experience with hundreds of clients over the years, whether the technical aspect of the work is to be performed by us or not has no bearing. To some degree, if deep down there is the smallest perception of technical difficulty, some people seem to shun the duties related to updating their online content.

The ability to inexpensively update content makes a website, blog or social media outlets so affordable that ignoring this opportunity is as much as throwing money down the drain. By marketing online, you can update, update, update, and guess what? Search engines love updated content, so not only are you giving your customers and potential future customers a reason to return for updates, you’re also giving search engines a reason to return as well.

So, again, I ask, what is the reason you are holding back? Fear of the unknown? If there’s something you’d like to communicate, is it possible to delegate or outsource the work to someone who enjoys doing these tasks?

Maybe this is the answer…