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by Kellee Gabel, The Web Professional, Inc.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Brad Sugars Seminar. Many things he said that resonated with me as a businessperson, I took copious notes (wish my haphazard drawings translated better). One thing Brad said which has stuck in my mind like a ticking metronome is:

Be x Do = Have

Today I was tweaking our website to make it just that much more search engine friendly to our desired keyword search results, and realized that indeed I was doing something multiple times in an attempt to “have” desired results from our online marketing efforts. That outcome is to be found amongst the search terms that are most related to what we do.

So, in a perfect world, for maximum results, we should all be tending our website’s content as if it were a garden in need of watering, fertilizing and weeding each day. The yield should be results in visitors who become leads, who become customers.

What could 10 minutes a day reviewing and adjusting your website or posting to your blog do for your online business presence? If you don’t have time, consider outsourcing it. A shameless promotion, I know, but it really is what we do, and hope to help you be successful doing.