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Kellee Gabel

Kellee Gabel

So, what IS sliding in your world?

Being busy can often mean some small, but important business items get set aside. You know what I’m talking about, right?

One of the things I try to do with my “spare time” is pay attention to the little things that I don’t seem to get around to when business is going really well. Such as: my bi-monthly newsletter, which sometimes takes a backseat to what seem like more pressing matters.

Here are some ideas of things you might consider giving front row seats when time is more abundant:

• Website traffic review – Kind of knew I’d start here, didn’t you? Is your website receiving less traffic than before – are you even looking at those reports?

• Social media – If you’re using social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or Pinterest have you posted recently? If your commitment has wavered, perhaps it’s time to recommit or to close off that street when it is not yielding results due to lack of attention.

• Advertising – Are you advertising in the wrong areas or do you have ads running that are no longer effective? Recently I saw an ad for A/C tuneups. Here in MN, we’re headed into cooler weather. I think this company’s ad is out of season.

Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-Impression Ads need to be monitored and adjusted for appropriate bids, keywords and lead generation. Is it time to change your ad to gain something from those impressions you’re paying for?

• Networking – Are you doing it effectively? Are the groups you’re in generating the connections and sales you seek? And what about all those business cards you’ve collected along the network path. Have you done anything with them, or are they crowding a corner of your desk?

• Marketing – Do your marketing activities keep up with the times and reach your intended audience? (Yes, online is great, but having a website or facebook page is not the be all and end all of marketing. Traditional marketing channels must still be used to get the impressions you need to succeed.)

Does your brochure and/or website reflect your most current message and products?

• Referrals – Do you rely on referrals? Do your customers, business contacts and friends know this? Reminders help.

Testimonials. Have you asked your latest customer for a testimonial?

Portfolio updates. If visual representations of your work are your best-selling tool, make sure to get project completion photos and releases from your client.

• Client contact – Follow up with existing clients. You never know… they may need something, but are too busy themselves to pick up the phone.

• Evaluate customers – Is the relationship still solid? Is it still a good fit for both parties?

• Evaluate product profitability and usability – How long has it been since you assessed your product offerings to determine if they are still selling and priced right?

• Self-investment – self-improvement – Is there a course you need to take to stay current for your industry? How about a wardrobe update? Is it long overdue?

• Subscriptions and services – Are you paying for something you no longer use? I recently heard on the news about a Detroit suburb’s police department, which had been paying a phone bill for an abandoned location for 8 years to the tune of a quarter million dollars annually.

• Speaking of Phone Plans – Do your current phone plans (cell and land line) fit your needs. This is always a good task to tackle when an hour or two are available.

• Updating equipment and software – Don’t be caught off guard. Those reminders to install software updates or to replace depreciated equipment should be assessed regularly.

• Data backups – Is your scheduled data backup really working? Are you sure? Test it.

• Insurance – How about reviewing the insurance you’re carrying? Is it enough? Too much? Not the right coverage since you changed something about your business?

By now, you might be thinking, I get it, I get it. Back off!

If you have ideas to add to this list, I’d love to hear from you.

I thought this was an appropriate closing quote. “You were born to win, but to be the winner you were born to be, you must plan to win and prepare to win. Then and only then can you legitimately expect to win.” Zig Ziglar

Kellee Gabel