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Kellee Gabel, President of The Web Professional, Inc.

Kellee Gabel

Is there anything wrong with free?  If it’s a great pair of shoes at a BOGO event, I’d be inclined to say, NEVER!

There are so many free offerings that make it easy for businesses to market on the web for what seems like little or no cost.  Many of these opportunities are free, in the sense that there is no monetary fee associated with them.

For instance, several online directories (I could give you a list a mile long) offer free basic listings.  These directories generate revenues by other means, such as advertising.

Another example of “free” would be organic search engine placement.  However, one must consider that free listings of your website in the SERPs do not come without the cost of time and expertise.

And, Social Media Marketing is another “free” opportunity that comes to mind.  Especially when providers like Facebook keep changing the rules.  It’s hard enough for those specializing in these areas of online marketing to keep up, let alone the novice business owner just trying to post the right content at the right frequency.

Sure, you can make a case that time you spend doing these tasks yourself is dollars not going out.  But, then again, no dollars are coming in while you are distracted by tasks that have nothing to do with how you make your living.

Remember:  marketing, whether online or traditional, is like a garden that needs fertilizer, water and weeding.  Tending needs to be constant or the results don’t show up.

Do you really have free time?