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Why do we like WordPress?

WordPress is a robust website design and development platform with literally hundreds of thousands of APPs designed to help website owners achieve the customization they desire for their website in both design and functionality.

  • Showcase Your Work!  WordPress offers several different tools for presenting photos and slide shows. From simple Before and After displays to complex, animated presentations, you have the option of telling your story both visually and in words.
  • Website Design Savings – With a large developer interest, design templates, called themes, are available at pricing that starts at FREE to very affordable pricing.  A good website development team can take that theme and make your brand uniquely yours.  We love custom design; however, if you are on a tight budget, the ability to use a pre-built theme brings significant savings.  (Note:  In today’s mobile-frantic world, most themes today are pre-built to be responsive and mobile compatible.)
  • Content Management – DIY website management or working with a website developer, you have the control to do your own maintenance, or delegate to your team or webmaster.  Lots of flexibility here.
  • Blogging Tool – WordPress is one of the best (in our opinion THE Best) and easiest to use blogging platform. Virtually every possible need a blogger desires has been covered.  And, with its ongoing evolution, WordPress continues to deliver the goods.
  • E-Commerce Solution – WordPress offers well-designed tools that integrate with payment solutions to help you sell products, services, subscriptions and memberships.   From sale to checkout, WordPress can handle your needs.  Cha-Ching!
  • SEO Friendly – Search engines like WordPress.  Many WordPress plugins are built to help with search engine optimization.
  • Unlimited options – If you can think it up, there is likely a way to do it with WordPress.  Because of its broad appeal, there are literally thousands of developers working on WordPress upgrades to make it the ultimate go-to for a robust website tool.